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The goal of the Cancer Tissue Pathology Core is to provide high-quality tissue processing, histology and staining services to SCC members and other investigators.  The Core provides tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, histochemical staining of mounted slides, immunohistochemical (IHC) staining for paraffin embedded and frozen tissues, immunocytochemical (ICC) staining for cultured cells (as tissue sections or cytospin slides), evaluation of new antibodies for IHC staining, enzyme histochemistry and special staining.  The Core also provides defined analyses including RNA / DNA preparation, reverse transcription and cDNA synthesis from total RNA, construction, staining and analysis of tissue microarrays, and construction and analysis of reverse proteomics array from user-defined biospecimens.  The Core is flexible to accommodate the development of new techniques and expanding its services based on the research requirements of SCC members and other investigators. 

Core equipment includes a Leica TP1020 Automatic Tissue Processor, Leica EG1150 Embedding station, Leica STS5020 Multistainer, Leica RM2255 Motorized Rotary Microtome,
 a Leica CM1950 Cryostat, a Leica BOND-III automated IHC / ISH-stainer, and a Veridiam Automated Tissue Arrayer along with upright and inverted microscopes, and bright field and fluorescence microscopy.  Aperio whole slide scanning services are available through the Department of Pathology.


Core Services:


  • Histology and Immunohistochemistry
  • Tissue Microarray (TMA)
  • Digitized Slides and Image Analysis
  • Photographic and Imaging Services
  • Molecular Biology Services



Kar-Ming Fung, MD, PhD

Scientific Director


Muralidharan Jayaraman, PhD 
Director of Research Core Operations
Phone: 405-271-6890


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Monday - Friday

 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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  1. Cancer Tissue Pathology Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Muralidharan Jayaraman, PhD
Director of Research Core Operations
(405) 271-6890
BRC 1401
Sheeja Aravindan
Lab Manager
(405) 271-6890
BRC 1471
Louisa Williams
(405) 271-6890
BRC 1471

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